It takes two to speak the truth: one to speak and the other to hear.

Henry David Thoreau

Coaching focuses on the window of life that shows a future view of hope and positive change.

Do you struggle to assert yourself and say ‘No?’

Do you need help to set your boundaries and learn how to stand up for yourself ?

Perhaps you are struggling in your relationship and lack clarity?

Maybe you feel guilty or not good enough?

Do you have a lot of anxiety and struggle to decide what direction to take in life?

Are you thinking about changing careers or working out how to deal with a difficult manager or bullying colleague?

Do you feel there is something missing or wrong with your life?

Whatever it is you are struggling with, you don’t need to try and cope on your own anymore. With support, anything is possible. Imagine how good the view could look like through your new window of perception…

I am a qualified Life Coach and have worked as a Non-Executive Director for the NHS. I am  also a qualified Psychotherapist and have qualifications in Leadership and also Stress Management. I am very passionate about working with people and understanding what is that we all need to grow. My passion and skill-base has led to me being told numerous times that I am excellent at what I do, I know this to be true from witnessing the changes clients make in their lives.