I am focused on you as a whole person. I am interested in hearing how you feel, what you think, what your values are, what brings you meaning in your life and what is holding you back from getting what you want. I encourage you to set goals which involve you taking steps towards creating an outcome that mirrors your values and which serves you.

I will ask you questions and share observations,  which will support your growth and empower you to be responsible for finding your own answers.

Coaching tends to focus on the window of life that shows a future view. You may need help to set boundaries and learn how to stand up for yourself, or perhaps you are struggling in your relationship, maybe you feel bad about yourself and have a lot of anxiety and are struggling to decide what direction to take in life.

Whatever it is, you don’t need to try and do it on your own anymore. With support, anything is achievable. What could the view look like out of your window?

I am a qualified Life Coach and have worked as a Non-Executive Director for the NHS. I am a qualified Psychotherapist and have qualifications in Leadership and also Stress Management. I am very passionate about working with people and understanding what is that we all need to grow. My passion and skill-base has led to me being told numerous times that I am excellent at what I do, I know this to be true from witnessing the changes clients make in their lives.