I spent many years not knowing about receiving support, that was what other people did.I didn’t deserve any help, at least that was what my low self esteem told me.  Then one crisp, January day in 2006,  I folded up like a fan. I was fortunate to receive support from a Coach and Therapist. He skated with me on the frozen river that was my emotions and taught me how thawing out comes from being seen, heard and understood. I slowly began to grow in confidence, lift my head up and open my heart.  I started to see how powerful support could be.

I have found my power and I hold the intention to support you to do the same. Life can be good.

I see life as a flowing river and very often when challenges come or fear kicks in, we can stay frozen to the river bank, watching life unfold from the sidelines. When we find our flow, through receiving support in attending to how we feel and understanding what our needs are and how we can meet them, we can start to feel brave enough to re-enter the river and trust life to take us in its current. Here everything starts to feel a bit easier, conflict dies down and we become more able to stay calm, centred and at ease. Good decisions always come from being in the flow of life.

Through Life Development Coaching, you will develop new perspectives and make contact with your power in order to identify your own solutions and make more nurturing choices, where you will live your life with less judgement and more courage.

I don’t ‘do’ anything to you, we do it together -we are a team and I am on your side.

You will naturally find yourself becoming more assertive and clear with your wants and wishes. Whatever the issue, problems in relationships, feeling stuck at work, being put down and shut down by others, the solution in the form of response always lies within.

I am a qualified Life Coach and have worked as a Non-Executive Director for the NHS. I am a qualified Psychotherapist and have qualifications in Leadership and also Stress Management. I am very passionate about working with people and understanding what is that we all need to grow. My passion and skill-base has led to me being told numerous times that I am excellent at what I do, I know this to be true from witnessing the changes clients make in their lives.