“I really struggled with my voice and I couldn’t find the words that could best express what I was thinking or feeling. I found the coaching was hugely helpful in allowing me the time to start on this journey of self awareness, whilst feeling safe and heard throughout. I am starting to get to see and hear the real me and can’t thank you enough for helping make this happen.”
Andy, aged 52

“I could not think of a better person than Gill to help me with my struggles, especially my shame. The sessions really helped me to put my past behind me, and I got so many insights!!”
Kesha, aged 37

“I knew Gill would be the right person to really look underneath at what was holding my employee back and coach her into great performance for the organisation. I recommend Gill -she is brilliant!”
Michelle, company director

“Gill is amazing and has helped me so much. I feel that I have really moved forward and can now make better decisions.”

“Gill is very professional and knowledgeable and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend her to anybody.”